The Michigan Soft Drink Association (MSDA) is a non-profit trade organization representing the producers and distributors of carbonated soft drink beverages who have a manufacturing operation in Michigan.

The Michigan soft drink industry directly employs some 6,000 individuals statewide, and services more than 10,000 retail outlets from every community in the state. It is estimated that an additional 25,000 retail employees in Michigan depend on the sales of refreshment beverages for their livelihood.

Our soft drinks are "Made in Michigan" products. Nearly 100 percent of the major brand soft drinks we deliver to your store are made in Michigan production facilities by our Michigan employees.

The soft drink industry, on its own initiative, has taken a leadership role in Michigan and nationwide in the effort to address the complex issue of childhood obesity. Over the last several years, our companies have:

  • Reduced the calories delivered to schools by 90 percent
  • Cut the overall beverage calories delivered to the entire U.S. marketplace by 21 percent
  • Taken steps to more clearly display calories on the front of our products

The beverage industry is also Michigan's premier recycling industry. 100 percent of soft drink containers are recyclable and 95 to 98 percent are actually recycled. It costs soft drink companies millions of dollars annually to implement this statewide, industry-financed recycling program for Michigan citizens.

Just as important as its outstanding record of recycling, the soft drink industry has made significant efforts to reduce the amount of raw materials used in beverage containers. Over the last 20 years, the beverage industry has reduced the amount of materials used in its packaging by 46 percent.

Additionally, a significant portion of recycled materials are used in soft drink containers. The average recycled content for soft drink containers is 51 percent in aluminum cans, 26 percent in glass and 25 percent in those test markets which are using recycled plastic. The plastic container connectors used by the industry are also both recyclable and degradable.   
The MSDA is one of the state's oldest business groups, having been formed in 1911 as the Michigan Bottlers of Carbonated Beverages. The present name of the Association was adopted in 1968.

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